The Rolex Cellini often gets overlooked by novice watch collectors.

Perhaps this is because the Cellini is considered by many a dress watch. To be fair, it is one of the most elegant Rolex watches on the market, but the timeless design of the Cellini makes this watch so much more than a timepiece to be worn only on special occasions.

One thing seasoned watch enthusiasts and collectors do agree on is that the Rolex Cellini watch is one of the brand's most creative and eternal models.

Rolex director, Rene-Paul Jeanneret was the innovator behind the Rolex Cellini. He drew inspiration for the design from Renaissance sculptor and goldsmith Benvenuto Cellini – who’s considered one of the most influential artists of his time -- which is why Jeanneret likewise named the timepiece after him.

The Cellini was first released in 1928 and marketed as a luxury wristwatch, conveying both timelessness and elegance. Inspiration for the Rolex Cellini came from various aspects of modern technology and high-end luxury aesthetics.

After it’s release, Rolex crafted various versions of the Cellini model – such as the Rolex Cellini Cestello and the Rolex Cellini Quartz – both of which are no longer manufactured today, but still very popular on the second-hand market. Recently, Rolex revived the Cellini design and released updated models of the Prince and Danaos, in addition to releasing the Cellini Time.

Though there are many different families of the Rolex Cellini, there are similar styles and attributions in each. Rolex Cellini’s cases are available in 18k white, yellow or everose gold. Each case is topped with a two-tier bezel. The dials are typically outfitted with black or silver-plated “rayon flammé de la gloire” and ornamented with gold applique hour indicators. Every Rolex Cellini strap is made of brown or black alligator leather and adorned with an 18k gold clasp.

A new Rolex Cellini will cost you $15,000+, but when you purchase a pre-owned Rolex Cellini you can own the same elegant wristwatch for a fraction of the price. Our vintage Rolex Cellini watches start around $3,000.

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Thanks to the Rolex Cellini’s uncomplicated design and its first-class workmanship, this timepiece is a sound investment and a prize possession for any watch enthusiast or collector.

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Nov 29th 2018 Daddys Watch

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